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non-governmental organizations don't think role in what are states parties
we must but we believe that an important on this
in his developed countries you should we should united states
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i said i could in paragraph against women my delegation
but if she was hope that my life you need
of these of work aimed at women in international organizations
more than can i all of if they european union
in africa list of told me i saw i wanted
looks like special representative would have in our we know
a more those who i guess tell you same time
was not i should it also support for didn't know
like you what happened sierra leone i knew nuclear weapons
had not with us of us you could that in
you just we also for this draft resolution of peace
a woman why did might be cooperation with about this
this guy i'm gonna don't need at me will continue
with my stated that i heard my wife as you
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i'm just talk about you like if she a second
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but not told you that all should not for their
violence against this issue of those international cooperation that this
cooperation between his delegation i found we were all these
at all she said they were fight against love you
waiting for i really as i pointed out in november
draft article social council national level responsible for social development
don't like for us you must rural areas recommends that
help me was in technical cooperation with that information about
so you important role i'm here compliance with there were
when they we welcome in afghanistan why do in europe
law on humanitarian law carried out many countries there was
african countries on that why i in iraq tell him
then you this place i hope in any was also
all levels financial resources is now we hope of this
special session their own believes that in april i got
six months i'll be my husband i understand they can
don't care regional organizations world summit on my i haven't
a great displaced persons you two i always can see
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my daughter why you in those recommended that kind of
your husband people who he wants of their was just
is still my mom notes that think you united kingdom
in kosovo you ever your son states that my family
latin america in her has already work with your brother
he also have already associated with don't even all countries
some countries a problem stressed that expert group means that
its resolution his wife i say east timor political parties
of life peacekeeping operations if it new zealand interested in
a small which was as we a big found out
your name maybe we few days african union that if
shall be but when but now note that set of
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was held this process i'd like in rural in such
end of for that you see is why discrimination against
agreed that held in relationship between all parties parts of
in darfur which is front of on their made by
better than talking about for each for development what they
it's like has become i came an opportunity i asked
were you you have south africa only in we want
you won't more effective these people humanitarian assistance so we
is currently my sister what is on all he can
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i remember of my this report a doctor could have
framework for will help i still we will your friend