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Traducción de "lidiar con" en inglés

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cope with [v]
contend with [v]
grapple with [v]
put up with [v]
fight with [v]
tangle with [v]
work through [v]
deal with
roll with
grips with
dealing with
dealt with [pp]
coping with
Otras traducciones
Tendré que lidiar con Mishil en el inframundo.
I will have to contend with Mishil in the netherworld.
Tuvo que lidiar con muchas cosas en sus tiempos.
Well, He's had a lot to contend with in his time, too, you know.
Hemos tenido que lidiar con mucho últimamente.
We've had a lot to contend with lately.
Tienen que lidiar con situaciones cotidianas .
They have to find their way through everyday situations.
Pero deberían pagarme extra por lidiar con hermanos autoritarios.
But I should startgetting paid extra to deal with overbearing siblings.
Porque no quieres lidiar con nada.
A substitute reality... because you don't want to deal with anything.
Es difícil lidiar con alguien en esa situación.
It's not easy to deal with someone in a situation like this.
No tienes que lidiar con ellos diariamente.
You don't have to deal with them on a daily basis.
No me gusta lidiar con gente que intenta impresionarme.
I don't like dealing with people who are trying to impress me.
Dignan no quiere lidiar con esto.
Dignan does not want to deal with it.
Sabemos lidiar con esta clase de emergencias.
We know how to deal with these kinds of emergencies.
Al evitar lidiar con tus problemas.
By not dealing with your problems, Charlie.
Necesitamos abrirlo y lidiar con el hematoma.
We need to get him open and deal with the haematoma ASAP.
Intento averiguar cómo lidiar con estas cosas.
Try to figure out a way to deal with those things.
Debes lidiar con la realidad de tu situación actual.
'cause you need to deal with the reality of your current situation.
Te dejaré lidiar con eso, Josephine.
Right. Then, I'll leave you to deal with that, Josephine.
Tengo que lidiar con un prisionero.
Right now I've got a prisoner to deal with.
Déjame decidir cómo lidiar con eso.
Let me decide how to deal with it.
Ahora tienes que lidiar con esto.
Now you're having to deal with this.
Yo no queiro lidiar con agravantes.
I just don't want to deal with the aggravation.

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