i don't know do you think do you want do you know the use of
a member state the fact that you know what economic and social pursuant to article
i should like the rest of when i was to ensure that i believe that
i think that in the world it would be i know that at the end
each member state other member states in the eu is replaced by shall ensure that
in the community don't have to is one of has to be i hope that
there is no of the community of the world of human rights to do with
of the new i didn't know one of those one or more i told you
new member states are you doing it is necessary i can't believe need to be
i don't have of the eu a list of of the directive talk to you
at the same of the product of the agreement the only way shall be replaced
needs to be the only thing want to be want to know the need for
didn't want to in this context it should be in particular article in the area
all member states between member states in the last european parliament resolution for the period
a bunch of the role of at european level one of them a few days
what's going on has not been i was thinking of the following is to be
the issue of the same thing it will be as part of don't know how
i don't care of this article it is therefore i am not i thought you
of the regulation shall not apply one of these i'm going to you know that
you and i are to be of my life provisions of this that we have
listed in annex of the year why did you in love with the one who
at least one did you know a series of would have been meaning of article
i don't need i don't like if you have just wanted to it must be
in my life you don't know amended as follows want to see the cost of
that is why it is appropriate why are you want me to eu member states
i should have as you know instructs its president this is not is intended to
during the period i told him i need you was supposed to that we are
of the report you can see you told me have you ever the value of
it looks like it is also but i think to say that we don't have
what you want in this field on the situation the truth is shall be adopted
that there is i was just of the country we know that but i can't
treaty of lisbon need to talk thank you for want to do a part of
is based on in patients with if you can shall be added the idea of
he told me if i can more than one it's time to some member states
did you see a man who how can you have not been it is essential
council of europe talk to me intended to cover we don't know if you need
for the next make sure that men and women this is why on human rights
do not know of the market it has been committee on budgets i'm not sure
if you are you know how if i had of this agreement i was hoping
if i were with third countries a good idea thought it was one of us
of the people in the new within the community but it is for the rest
exchange of information the guy who that i have of the situation you should have
in member states i'll give you one of our what i want of the decision
was going to i don't see a copy of but i know when you were
for at least in one of to help you i agree with may be used
a few years a high level of the population other than those at first reading
talk to him which is why it could be the text of a third country
a proposal for in the city you tell me in the report for the last
that you have don't even know the other side have you seen to be used
i'll tell you of the group must have been point out that a few minutes
to see if is very important used to be a few weeks that you are
of the house a few months tell me that when he was it is clear
i'm looking for with effect from of the provisions i am sure of the two
it's just that of the parties that would be i'm gonna need it's not like
i was wondering we all know the point is in high school shall not exceed
of at least like i said at eu level had no idea board of appeal
why don't you not more than so i can is no longer done at brussels
but you know in respect of natural or legal if you could that it was
i was in do you remember told me that maybe we should between the two
on the same of this report but it was in the kitchen a lack of
if we can health and safety does not have why didn't you the other night
of your life i would have that he was the thing is this type of
one of you that you were this kind of in third countries in cooperation with
find a way to do that of the system the following information i wish i
under this regulation i told her if i was rules of procedure the best way
an integral part fruit and vegetables i thought that points out that need to do
this means that two years ago did you get i am pleased regional and local
i wonder if social and economic on this issue don't know where when we were
so you can maybe you should heads of state on the future local and regional
its member states on the list of the state lot of things just have to
this is where it is true so as to we must not a good thing
at least two in a few of the opinion has already been in your life
is clear that for the same shall be determined i just need the only person
to meet you need to find for the commission if there is there's no way
soon as possible want to go to do this i did not who i am
we're looking for in such cases we both know a lot more we believe that
i was trying the law of referred to as plant protection products that i am
economic and financial common fisheries policy at the hospital i do not i feel like
for a second a set of of the project there must be you could have
education and training need your help in an hour principle of subsidiarity how could you