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Reverso Context: the best way to translate words and idioms

  • Type a word or several words in the translation search engine and instantly get a variety of examples of use taken from real-life situations (movie dialogs, news articles, etc.) and from official documents. You can try the following examples: I wonder what, it is no wonder, I wonder, wonders, seven wonders, uncanny, couldn't we?, couldn't we, turkey, Turkey, the end justifies.
  • Using powerful algorithms, Reverso Context computes the most frequent translations and shows them to you. It also displays a variety of translations adapted to different contexts.
  • If you find an innacurate example or translation you can vote «against» it by clicking on .
  • Click on a translation if any. Reverso Context will only display examples that contain this translation.
  • If a translation is particularly appropriate, you can add it to Reverso's Collaborative Dictionary and to your vocabulary list by clicking on .
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