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Translation of "aan de telefoon" in English

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on the phone [adv.]
on the telephone [adv.]
on the line [adj./adv.]
by phone [adv.]
on line [adj./adv.]
off the phone
to the phone
over the phone
on that phone
on a call
to the telephone
to phone
on a phone call
on his phone
Other translations
Douanier Weizer aan de telefoon voor detective Esposito.
Customs agent Weizer's on the phone for detective Esposito.
Deze man terroriseert me aan de telefoon.
This man has been terrorizing me on the phone.
Ik had Generaal Gamelin aan de telefoon.
I've been on the telephone with General Gamelin.
Je klonk vreselijk aan de telefoon.
You sounded awful on the telephone.
Meneer, Joanne Dyson aan de telefoon.
(Assistant) Sir, I have Joanne Dyson on the line for you.
Uw drankleverancier is aan de telefoon.
Sir, your liquor distributor's on the line.
Hij is nu aan de telefoon.
Look, I've got him on the phone for you now.
Ik had ruzie met iemand aan de telefoon.
I was in my store, and I was arguing on the phone with someone.
Hij is aan de telefoon en roept afschuwelijke dingen.
- He's on the phone, and he's yelling something awful.
Haal stafchef Patrick aan de telefoon.
Get chief of staff Patrick on the phone.
Ik hoorde papa ruzieën aan de telefoon.
Well, I... I heard Dad arguing on the phone.
Je klonk bang aan de telefoon.
You sounded scared on the phone, love.
Wallace Rainer is aan de telefoon.
Wallace Rainer's on the phone for you.
Larry heeft Lorna aan de telefoon.
So Larry's got Lorna on the phone.
Je klonk warrig aan de telefoon.
You sounded a little rattled on the phone.
Sheriff Janson is aan de telefoon.
Doug, Sheriff Janson's on the phone.
Chris MacNeil aan de telefoon, dokter.
Excuse me, Doctor. Chris MacNeil is on the phone.
Muir's secretaresse is aan de telefoon.
[Whispering] Muir's secretary is on the phone.
Ik was vrij vaag aan de telefoon.
So, Steve, I know I was kind of vague on the phone...
Je klonk nerveus aan de telefoon.
You sounded a little nervous on the phone.

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