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Translation of "op z'n kop" in English

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upside down [adj./adv.]
upside-down [adj./adv.]
on the head
on its head
on his head
over the head
to rock
in the head
Other translations
Het zet ieders leven op z'n kop.
It would turn everyone's life upside down.
Je wereld stond op z'n kop.
Your world was turned upside down.
Je hebt de krant op z'n kop.
You're reading your newspaper upside-down.
Je slaat de spijker op z'n kop.
You just hit it on the head.
Hij heeft 't gezegd vanwege die klap op z'n kop.
He says he'd been hit on the head wasn't reasoning then.
Zet Egypte op z'n kop, geweldig.
Flip Egypt upside down. I like that.
Alles stond ineens op z'n kop.
It just turned everything upside down.
- Je zet alles op z'n kop.
You're turning things upside down.
Ik had de kaart op z'n kop.
I had the map upside down.
Ik deelde net hoe mijn leven op z'n kop is gezet.
I was just sharing about how my life's been turned inside out and upside down.
El Nino zette dat systeem op z'n kop.
El Nino turns that system upside down.
Draai de wereld maar op z'n kop.
Go on, turn the world upside down.
Je houdt het op z'n kop.
You're holding it upside down.
Dan zouden we Polen op z'n kop kunnen zetten.
What we could tell they'll turn Poland upside down.
Ze zet zijn wereld op z'n kop.
She's turning his entire world upside down.
Het schilderij hangt op z'n kop.
This painting, it's upside down.
Zo goed als het kan nadat mijn wereld op z'n kop staat.
As okay as I could possibly be after my world's been flipped upside down.
Wat wij hier hebben zou de hele wetenschap op z'n kop kunnen zetten.
What we have here is the kind of thing that could shake up the scientific community, l-let alone theology.
Alles staat nu op z'n kop.
It's all getting turned upside down now.
Je slaat de spijker op z'n kop.
I think you've said the key word.

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