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Translation of "toe" in English

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apply [v]
add [v]
see [v]
now [adj/adv]
going [adj]
then [adj/adv]
ready [adj/adv]
increased [adj]
increasing [adj]
welcome [adj/adv]
allowed [adj]
please [adv]
anywhere [adv]
fact [n]
closed [adj]
Other translations
Sta mij toe om hieraan een paar politieke beoordelingen toe te voegen.
I would like to add one or two political assessments, if I may.
Bovendien wil Daniël nooit ergens naar toe.
And besides, daniel never wants to go anywhere, anyway.
Je moet even naar hem toe.
No, you have to go over there and talk to him.
Muad'Dib stond geen officiële delegaties toe.
Muad'dib would not allow any formal delegations, milady.
Mannen geven zoiets maar moeilijk toe.
Being scared is not an easy thing for a man to admit.
Je geeft me er ook alle reden toe.
Well, so far you haven't given me a reason to see anything else.
Tot nu toe op elk niveau.
So far it's on every frelling tier I've looked at.
Congreslid Chuck Webb geeft z'n verlies toe...
Very quickly, please... just received a phone call from Congressman Chuck Webb.
We weten allebei waar dat toe...
We both know what it's going to...? - Yes.
Na-apers slaan toe bij een executie.
Copycats come out of the woodwork every time there's an execution.
Er komen overlijdensberichten tot vanuit Melbourne aan toe.
We've got casualty confirmations coming in from as far away as Melbourne.
Maar ik ben er nog niet aan toe.
But that doesn't mean I'm actually ready to go out there and cope.
Cartman laat elke dag mensen toe in z'n pretpark.
Well, I found out that Cartman is letting a few people each day into his theme park.
Ik ben hier echt niet aan toe.
This was a mistake, Mother. I'm really not up to it.
Ik ging naar het gebied toe.
I was for an area at the beginning of the dock berths.
Je bent toe aan wat geavanceerder onderricht.
It's time for a bit of advanced training.
M'n rapporten lichten de omstandigheden toe.
My reports to Starfleet document the circumstances of those instances.
Breng haar onmiddellijk naar me toe.
I need to interrogate her to find out if anyone else knows.
Ik sta geen ongegronde beschuldigingen... tegen bevelhebbers toe.
I will not permit innuendo or unfounded allegations against commanding officers in my court.
Ik werd hier praktisch toe gedwongen.
You should know - I was practically forced into this.

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