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Translation of "twee keer" in English

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See also: twee keer zo snel
twice [adv/adj]
two times
two tours
two occasions
second time
two shots
two counts
both times
two trips
2 times
couple of times
Other translations
Niemand zet twee keer dezelfde handtekening.
Now, nobody signs their signature exactly the same way twice.
Ik heb het twee keer gedaan.
There were several of us. I might have done it twice.
De volledige testprocedure wordt ten minste twee keer herhaald.
The complete test procedure shall be repeated at least two times.
Totdat m'n netvlies twee keer losliet.
'Til I got my retina detached two times.
Ze wilden twee keer zoveel machines.
Well, they made Hong double the number of machines in his shop.
Ray doet twee keer zoveel patiënten.
Ray's using the same nurses and discharged twice as many patients.
Ik zet daar twee keer zo veel troepen in.
If you attempt to take advantage of it, I'll have twice as many soldiers waiting for you.
Hij is twee keer zo oud.
Look at the guy. He's, like, twice your age.
Normaliter vergadert de adviesgroep twee keer per jaar.
As a rule, the AG meets at least twice a year.
Je hebt hem al twee keer laten ontkomen.
See, you let this boy get past you not just once, but twice.
Secretariaat heeft uw paard twee keer verslagen.
Mr. Martin! Secretariat has beaten your horse twice.
Ze ziet hem een of twee keer per jaar.
She sees him once or twice a year. I haven't see her since he was two.
Sindsdien oefent hij twee keer per week.
He's been going out in the country twice a week practising ever since.
Een lijk dat twee keer is overleden.
We've got a body in the morgue that seems to have died twice.
Je moet nooit twee keer dezelfde fout maken.
One tends not to make the same mistake twice. I'll try to remember that.
- En helemaal geen twee keer.
You certainly don't need to do it twice in one sentence.
We zouden twee keer zoveel verdienen.
They said that we'd make twice as much.
Peters creditcard is zojuist twee keer gebruikt.
Peter's credit card has been used twice in the past two hours.
Ze tikte twee keer E en L.
It's "Valley Forge" - she pressed the E and L twice.
Felix was z'n zwager twee keer tegengekomen...
Felix was sure he'd twice bumped into his missing brother-in-law.

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