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Translation of "ainsi" in English

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See also: pour ainsi dire
thus [adv]
as well as [adv]
thereby [adv]
therefore [adv]
in this way [adv]
accordingly [adv]
such [adv]
then [adv]
addition [n]
for example [adv]
like this [adv]
hence [adv]
that way [adv]
like that [adv]
in so doing [adv]
thusly [adv]
so-and-so [adv]
Other translations
Le Kazakhstan tient ainsi pleinement ses engagements.
Thus, Kazakhstan fully assures adherence to its commitments.
Le PNUD privilégiera ainsi quatre domaines clefs.
UNDP will thus focus on four key programme areas.
La Réunion termine ainsi ses travaux.
The work of the Open-ended Meeting was thus concluded.
Vous êtes ainsi complices de ce processus.
You are thus acting as accomplices in this process.
On peut ainsi effectuer facilement la reproduction.
Thus, it is possible to easily perform reproduction.
L'interface externe fournit ainsi une vue unifiée des simulations.
Thus, the external interface provides a unified view of the simulations.
Je voterai le texte ainsi amendé.
I shall be voting in favour of the text thus amended.
Les employés étaient ainsi doublement pénalisés.
Thus, employees could be caught in a double bind.
J'affronte ainsi Querelle comme un dompteur.
Thus I appear as a lion tamer before Querelle.
Les générations actuelles pourraient ainsi transmettre la valeur correspondant aux ressources naturelles.
These would enable current generations to pass on the equivalent value of the natural assets.
Le Gouvernement estonien a ainsi présenté une candidature au Secrétariat.
Accordingly, the Secretariat has received one nomination from the Government of Estonia.
Les autorités peuvent ainsi prendre des mesures correctives.
In this way, corrective actions can be taken by the authorities.
Des modifications législatives considérables ont ainsi été réalisées avant la ratification.
As a result, significant amendments in legislation have taken place prior to ratification.
Trente-deux valeurs fondamentales ont ainsi été identifiées.
As a result, 32 core values were identified.
Il obtient ainsi l'équilibre souhaité pour marier...
He therefore comes up with the desired balance to marry...
Apportez-moi un whisky ainsi que quatre autres.
Well, bring me one rye with four on the side for the present.
La Chambre pourrait ainsi économiser un temps considérable.
In that way we would perhaps save considerable time in the House.
Promets-moi que ce sera toujours ainsi.
Promise me it will always be like this.
Il faut placer vos lèvres ainsi.
You have to form your lips like this.
Je regrette d'avoir réagi ainsi.
I'm sorry for the way I've acted.

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