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Translation of "cheval" in English


Hippolyte prendra soin de votre cheval.
Hyppolite, the inn boy, he'll take care of your horse.
Peut-être son cheval l'a-t-il chatouillé.
Perhaps his horse tickled him in the ribs.
Demandez un cheval frais à l'écurie.
Get a fresh horse at the stable, tell them you work for me.
Ce cheval vaut le quart d'un million de dollars.
That horse is worth a quarter of a million bucks... and you know the crowd would go completely nuts.
On va faire des prélèvements sur le cheval.
We're going to need to pull some samples from that horse.
Selle un cheval, je me prépare.
Come on. Saddle me a horse while I pick up a few things.
Un cheval a enfreint les règles.
It is when a horse has committed an infraction.
Ce cheval était sous votre responsabilité.
Tom Chaney stole the horse while it was in your care.
Maintenant, c'est un magnifique cheval.
Boy. Now, that is a good-looking horse.
Samuel et le type au cheval.
Sam and that guy on the horse, I'm telling you.
Je vais devoir emprunter mon cheval.
I'm afraid I'll have to borrow my horse.
Quelqu'un vient, j'entends un cheval.
There's someone coming up ahead, Mr. Frodo. I can hear a horse.
Grand-mère a une belle jument... superbe cheval.
I think Nan's got a really nice mare... he's a wonderful new horse.
Désolée pour l'histoire du cheval.
I'm sorry I gave you a hard time about the horse.
Adapter le cheval au cavalier et inversement.
Adapting the horse to the rider and vice versa.
Ils misent systématiquement sur le mauvais cheval.
They have a way of always picking the wrong horse.
Approchez si vous êtes suffisamment cheval.
Step right up, if you're horse enough.
Je creuse une tombe pour un cheval.
What does it look like I'm doing? Digging a grave for a horse.
Le cheval a dormi toute la nuit.
Big horse got down, he slept for the night, Mr. Walter.
Je n'ai jamais vu un cheval demander un entraînement.
Toby said you were pretty special, but I've never seen a horse ask to put itself in training.
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