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Translation of "malheureux" in English

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unfortunate [adj/n]
unhappy [adj]
miserable [adj]
sad [adj]
wretched [adj]
unlucky [adj]
hapless [adj]
regrettable [adj]
too bad [n]
wretch [n]
shame [n]
pity [n]
poor man [n]
unfortunately [adv]
measly [adj]
unsuccessful [adj]
forlorn [adj]
infelicitous [adj]
helpless [adj]
Other translations
Perdre son chemin en route est malheureux.
And losing your way on a journey is unfortunate.
Il est malheureux que certains députés fassent de telles allégations.
It is unfortunate that those allegations are being made by certain members of the House.
Je suis malheureux selon vos desseins.
I am as unhappy as you could ever have meant me to be.
Il ne grandira pas dans un foyer malheureux.
Andrew, I won't bring this baby into an unhappy marriage.
Ne rends pas malheureux tes proches.
Don't make the people who love you miserable.
Vous oublierez les jours malheureux alors.
Woman, you'll forget the miserable days then.
Même au milieu des passages malheureux.
Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits.
Il est malheureux que ce genre de difficulté existe.
It is unfortunate that those types of difficulties are out there.
L'un des deux sera toujours malheureux.
Because of that, one of the two of them will always be unhappy.
Mais je sais discerner un enfant malheureux.
But I know when a little child is unhappy.
Il doit être malheureux sans toi.
He must be miserable without you right now.
Que je serais malheureux à la retraite.
That I would be miserable if I weren't on the bench.
Je veux pas être heureux si vous êtes malheureux.
But, Arthur, I don't want to stay happy if the 2 of you are unhappy.
Mes patients sont anxieux, certains profondément malheureux.
My patients are insecure, some of them, deeply unhappy.
C'était malheureux, mais imprévisible.
That was unfortunate, but it was also unforeseeable.
Il est aussi malheureux que vous.
The boy is just as unhappy as you are.
Mais les maris malheureux demandent de I'aide.
But the unhappy husbands of the world are crying for help.
On dirait un agneau très malheureux.
That looks like a very unhappy little lamb.
Mes enfants ne seront pas malheureux.
My sons and daughters, sarah, they won't be unhappy.
C'était avant que Mr Doyle nous dise combien vous étiez malheureux.
That was before Mr. Doyle here told us how unhappy you were.

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