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Translation of "soulever" in English

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See also: se soulever
raise [v]
lift [v]
bring up [v]
point [v]
mention [v]
lift up [v]
give rise [v]
elevate [v]
arise [v]
highlight [v]
pose [v]
bring forward [v]
take up [v]
pry up [v]
picking up
heave [v]
kick up [v]
lift out [v]
Other translations
Je dois soulever un rapide problème.
I need to raise a quick issue, if you don't mind.
Je voudrais soulever un autre élément.
There is another area that I want to raise.
J'arrive pas à soulever ça.
Please, help me. I can't lift this by myself.
Elle peut soulever cent fois son poids.
She can lift a hundred times her own weight.
Je voudrais simplement soulever un point.
I would just bring up a small point.
Je voudrais soulever un autre problème connexe.
I want to raise another issue relative to this.
Je veux toutefois soulever un point supplémentaire.
However, I do want to raise another point.
Je voudrais également soulever deux points.
I should also like to raise two points.
Je voudrais soulever trois problèmes spécifiques.
I should like to raise three specific issues.
Je voudrais soulever la question financière.
I want to raise the issue of money with the minister.
Le second point que votre rapporteur aimerait soulever concerne les différentes dérogations.
The second issue that your rapporteur would like to raise concerns the various derogations.
Je suis heureux de pouvoir soulever cette question.
I am thankful for the chance to raise this issue.
Permettez-moi de soulever trois points spécifiques.
I would like to raise three particular points.
Néanmoins, je voudrais soulever quelques points.
Nevertheless I should like to raise a few points.
Je voudrais soulever un dernier élément.
I would like to raise one last point.
Troisièmement, j'aimerais soulever la question du bioéthanol.
Thirdly, I should like to raise the matter of bioethanol.
Je voudrais soulever quelques points secondaires concernant l'application elle-même.
I should like to raise a few minor points regarding the implementation itself.
Nous souhaitons soulever quelques points particulièrement importants.
We have some points to raise which are particularly important.
J'aimerais soulever un problème distinct.
I should like to raise a separate problem.
Je voudrais soulever deux points importants pour le Gouvernement autrichien.
I would like to raise two issues of importance to the Austrian Government.

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