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Translation of "sollevare" in English

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bring up
pick up
take up
kick up
hold up
jack up
heave up


Tuttavia abbiamo dovuto sollevare alcune questioni.
However, there were certain questions that we had to raise.
Intende sollevare prossimamente la questione con il Primo Ministro olandese.
He said that he would raise this issue with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands shortly.
- Dobbiamo sollevare un po' qui.
-We have to lift a bit of this.
Dovresti provare a sollevare qualcosa prima di degradarlo.
You should have to try to lift something before you downgrade it.
Desidero sollevare due questioni in particolare.
I want to raise just two issues in particular.
Signor Presidente, vorrei sollevare un'altra questione.
Mr President, I should like to raise another matter.
E non devo neanche sollevare niente.
I don't even lift anything, I just...
Vorrei sollevare in particolare tre questioni.
I would like to raise three particular issues.
Signor Presidente, Commissario Ferrero-Waldner, vorrei sollevare brevemente tre questioni.
Mr President, Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, I would like to briefly raise three issues.
Vorrei sollevare cinque problemi relativi all'agricoltura biologica.
I should like to raise five issues relating to organic farming.
Vorrei sollevare due punti in merito.
I should like to raise two points with him.
Sarà un buon punto da sollevare in occasione di discussioni interistituzionali.
When discussions take place between institutions, that is a good question to raise in that context.
Infine, vorrei sollevare un altro problema molto importante.
Finally, I should like to raise another very important matter.
Infine, desidero sollevare due questioni.
Finally, I would like to raise two issues.
Vorrei sollevare in breve tre ulteriori punti.
I would like briefly to raise three further points.
Desidero sollevare alcuni punti su questo vasto argomento.
I would like to raise a few points on this broad issue.
Desidero solo sollevare due questioni correlate.
I would just like to raise two related issues.
Mi sento fortissima, potrei sollevare una macchina.
I feel so good and strong like I could lift a car.
Non sarebbe riuscita a sollevare questo trofeo, figuriamoci a colpirci in testa il marito sei volte.
Either way, she could not lift this trophy, let alone bash her husband over the head with it six times.
Alla luce degli ultimi eventi, vorrei sollevare un'altra questione.
In light of recent events, there is one other issue I'd like to raise.
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