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Translation of "doces" in English

See also: águas doces
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sweet sugar jam treats pastries
candies trick-or-treating


Só queria uns doces para o meu filho.
I'm so sorry. I just wanted somebody to check my son's candy.
Vou mandar imediatamente doces ao seu filho.
I'll have someone check your son's bag of candy immediately.
Falta vontade para doces, obrigado.
I don't go in for sweets, thank you.
Depois poderás comer quantos doces quiseres.
Take it, then you can eat all the sweets you want.
Acho que tens doces para toda a vida.
OK. Well, I think you got enough candy to last for a lifetime.
Há casas neste bairro com doces muito melhores.
There are houses on this block with much better candy.
Só precisamos que encomende os doces.
We just need you to order the candy.
Ou tens problemas com doces em formato de coração.
Or you have a problem with candy in the shape of a heart.
Não podia tirar-lhe os doces já.
I couldn't bear to take his candy away yet.
Quando Armstrong aterrou na lua encontrados estes doces.
When Armstrong set foot on the moon, he found this candy.
Atraiu-me ao parque com promessas de doces e histórias.
He lured me to the park with promises of candy and funny stories.
Apanhem todos os doces que encontrarem.
Get every piece of candy you can find.
Tiram o sabor dos outros doces.
Wipes out the taste of every other candy.
Conseguimos encontrar doces que são baratos.
Maria: We can find candy that's cheaper.
Você gosta de doces desde pequena.
You've loved candy since you were little.
Não é boa ideia dar-lhes doces.
It's not a good idea to give them sweets.
Querem levar e depois receber doces.
They want to be spanked and then given sweets.
E concerteza não tenho doces escondidos na garagem.
And I certainly don't have any candy hidden in the garage.
Cabelo Comprido prometeu-me pedras doces em Pittsburgh.
Long Hair has promised me rock candy in Pittsburgh.
Eu comprei estes doces no Beachs Market.
Well, I bought all this candy at Beach's market.
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