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Translation of "fallar" in English

See also: puede fallar
go wrong
break down
let down
rule against
find against
fail at
rule on
find for
miss by
give way


Pero temes probar una y fallar.
You're afraid to try one of them and fail at it.
Tengo que hacerlo, no puedo fallar.
I have to do this. I can only succeed, I can't fail.
No puedes fallar con el candelero.
You can't miss with a candlestick holder.
No creí que fuera posible fallar por tanto.
I didn't think it was possible to miss by that much.
No podemos ni debemos fallar en esta empresa.
We cannot, should not and must not fail in that undertaking.
Sospecho que otros disfrutan pensando en verme fallar.
I suspect others relish the thought of seeing me fail.
No puedo fallar porque soy blanco.
I can't fail because I'm white.
Pero algún día tu corazón podría fallar.
But one day your health is going to fail.
Es difícil fallar con esa canción.
It is hard to fail with the song.
Con semejante respaldo no podemos fallar.
With that kind of support we can't fail.
He visto mucha gente fallar últimamente.
I have seen a lot of people fail lately.
En mis ojos, tú nunca puedes fallar.
In my eyes, you can never fail.
Así que su hígado va a fallar de todos modos.
So her liver was going to fail regardless.
De alguna forma se las arreglo para fallar sus recipientes de sangre.
Somehow he managed to miss a blood vessel.
Pero mientras envejecemos, nuestros órganos tienden a fallar más.
But as we age, our organs tend to fail more.
Ahora que sabes eso no podemos fallar
Now you know that we can not fail
Y cuando el cuerpo empieza a fallar
And when the body starts to fail...
Tu crees que voy a fallar.
You think I'm going to fail.
Los impulsores de la sonda comienzan a fallar.
The probe's impulse thrusters are starting to fail.
Hijo, todo el mundo está preocupado de que podría fallar.
Son, everyone is worried that you might fail.
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