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The inner side of the inner tube part (2) has a shape in which a space is formed on the extended line of the muzzle (6).
When loading, the lid or the stopper of a hayago is removed, gun powder and the bullet are loaded from the muzzle of a gun held vertically, then they are further pushed into the gun chamber using a rod.
A match called 'battery,' in which 'free pistol target' is used and the kinds of guns do not matter as long as they are muzzle loaders (guns other than hinawaju can also be used) and the shooting distance is 50 meters, has been halted but in the regulations, it still exists.
You need to muzzle your dog.
あなたの犬に 口輪をつけなさいよ
At first, tekka meant sparks generated from forging in smithery, then it came to mean sparks generated from swords in fierce fighting or sparks from a muzzle of matchlock gun.
Paper cartridges consisted of gun powder and a bullet wrapped like a sausage, and like hayago, the side without the bullet was bitten off, the gun powder was inserted from the muzzle, then the bullet and the rest of the paper were pushed in after it with a rammer or a ramrod.
But I plan to celebrate its brilliance... not muzzle it.
そんなに厚かましくない だが その技能を祝う予定だ... 口止めはしない
You shall not muzzle the ox when he treads out the grain.(1)
脫穀をしている 牛にくつこを 掛けてはならない.
It's you who's a muzzle.
Your muzzle's really small.
All I remember was the muzzle flash.
You know, muzzle burn.
えぇ 言いたい事は分かるわ
What is the muzzle then?
If you thought we would ever trust a fox without a muzzle... you're even dumber than you look!
なしのキツネを 信用すると思うなんて 見かけよりバカなんだな!
She's got a muzzle on her face and her hands are tied behind her back.
彼女は顔にマスクを付けてるし 手は後ろで縛られてるのよ
And one soldier, Kenneth 'Butcher' Jensen, waited until court to inform us that he observed the muzzle flashes and conveyed it to the defendant.
そして一人の兵士 ケネススラッタージェンセンが 裁判所に来て初めて我々に証言しました - 銃口発光を確認したと 被告に伝えたことを
Or Kate - she just wants to know her dog Austin is lying at the foot of her bed, his cold muzzle against her dry skin, instead of more chemotherapy coursing through her veins - she's done that.
またケイトの場合には ベッドの足元に飼い犬のオースティンが いることを知らせてほしがりました 彼女の望みは 血管に化学療法を増すことよりも かさかさした彼女の肌に 犬の冷たい鼻面が触れることでした 化学療法はもう済んでますから
I can muzzle you if you like.
We will brand him on the muzzle.
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