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Traduction de "feront" en anglais


Les communications se feront essentiellement en anglais.
These communications will be mainly in the English language.
Vos propos feront sensation dans ma revue.
The Bugle will be very impressed with your opinion.
Les participants feront des déclarations liminaires.
Introductory remarks by the Panellists will be followed by a question-and-answer session.
Ces partenariats se feront individuellement et selon les orientations gouvernementales.
These partnerships will be created individually, and according to government goals.
Ainsi les gens nous feront confiance.
So the people can learn to trust us.
Ces derniers feront donc partie intégrante de l'accord constitutif.
The latter will therefore be an integral part of the agreement setting up the body.
Pirelli kidnappé, elles feront tout pour nous arrêter.
Now I've kidnapped Pirelli, they'll do anything to stop us.
Les copains lui feront payer sa trahison.
The boys will take care of him for his long double-cross.
Les démons feront tout pour rester.
Demons will do everything in their power to keep from getting expelled.
Vos couleurs nous feront tous invalider.
Your fleet colors will get us all nullified.
Ils feront tout leur possible pour l'éviter.
They will do everything in their power to prevent it.
Nos fils feront ce qu'ils voudront.
Our sons will do what they want, whether we like it or not.
Mes hommes feront feu si nécessaire.
My men have orders to shoot if necessary.
Ces vêtements vous feront passer pour un marchand.
This apparel will help you pass as a common merchant.
Ils feront l'ascension avec Vaughn.
They're going up the mountain with him.
Ils feront savoir que Rome les à acceptés en égaux.
And they will spread the word that Rome has accepted them as equals, then we will have our human frontiers.
Mes experts feront redoubler les pleurs du jury.
My expert witnesses will have the jury calling for extra crying towels.
Si vous refusez, d'autres le feront.
If you're not able to do the work, we'll find someone else.
Ils feront tout pour protéger leur taupe.
They'll do everything they can to protect their mole.
Ils nous feront disparaître de la planète.
They'll make us disappear from the face of the Earth.
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