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Traduction de "il y a" en anglais

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C'est fait, et il y a l'avenir.
And there's the future... I don't know... perhaps if we had a kid of our own.
Vois s'il y a un lien entre Obispo et la sorcière.
Isabel, I need you to check the police records and see if there's a link between Javier Obispo and the good witch.
Vérifie s'il y a d'autres morts.
Can we make sure there are no more dead people in here? - Yes.
Il croit qu'il y a des fantômes.
No, he believes there are ghosts around and talks to them once in a while.
S'il y a une tumeur...
FOREMAN: If there is a tumor, this test will show us...
Et s'il y a une raison...
Well, what if there's a reason that you're going to run...
S'il y a une place de libre...
Because if there's a spot on the roster... no, I'm just...
Major, il y a une petite fille.
Now, what could be better? Major, there's a little girl here.
Actuellement il y a 18 ministres.
Currently there are eighteen (18) Ministers.
On avait rendez-vous il y a 30 minutes.
Miss Parker. I'd swear that we had an appointment in my office 30 minutes ago.
Préviens-moi s'il y a encore du grabuge.
Keep an eye on this pup... and let me know if there be any more distractions.
Je sais où il y a des œufs.
I mean, if you want a big goose egg, I'm your man.
Ils ont décollé d'Osan il y a dix minutes.
Just in case the ROK army loses control on the ground, we scrambled fighter-bombers 10 minutes ago from Osan.
Et il y a Sue Hodge.
Brian "thinks"? - And then there is Sue Hodge.
Je suis sûr qu'il y a des amoureux ici.
But I'm sure there're many dates going on in this room right now... Dating is not easy.
C'était il y a un an.
That was a year ago. and I don't test well... she said.
Je l'ai connu il y a longtemps.
He's the son of Mr. Kapoor. I've known him for years.
Mais il y a du divorce dans l'air.
Well, they didn't kill him... although I do see a string of divorces in his future.
Si toutefois prouesses il y a.
I don't suppose you're much use to them, either.
Mais il y a le colonel.
But, sir, the colonel - we don't have much time.
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