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Traduction de "ira" en anglais


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L'intéressé ira donc faire une visite.
Therefore, the individual will go and visit in that situation.
Le reste ira aux créanciers étrangers.
The rest will go to pay the foreign lenders.
Personne n'ira vous chercher à Smallville.
No one will be looking for you in Smallville.
Le premier ministre ira à Washington lundi.
The Prime Minister will go to Washington on Monday.
On ira pas, laisse tomber.
Look, we're not going in there so just knock it off.
On ira faire une fête chez moi après.
Come dance, and we'll go over to my place, have a little party.
J'espère qu'un martini vous ira.
And I've only sent you things I was going to give you eventually anyway.
Change-toi, après on ira manger.
Why don't you get changed, we'll go for a drink.
On ira à l'hôpital demain.
We'll take her to the hospital in the morning.
Il n'ira là-bas que les pieds devant.
Says the only way he's ever going to go in one is feet first.
Parce que tout ira très bien.
Because everything is going to be all right.
Le prochain ira rejoindre son Créateur.
My next will send a man to meet his maker.
De là on ira vers l'Ouest.
From Swinton, we can go into the west country to Devon or Cornwall.
On ira peut-être acheter un tapis ce midi.
All right, so maybe at lunch today we'll do a little carpet shopping.
La voiture de service ira vous chercher.
I'll get the duty car to come and fetch you.
Ma première balle ira dans votre oeil droit.
My first round's going through your right eye socket, lady.
Ce pays s'en ira en flammes...
This land shall vanish in tongues of fire... like his flesh in the night.
Cela n'ira pas du premier coup.
I suppose you can't expect her to get it right the first time.
Les médecins disent que Vaughn ira bien alors...
The doctor said Vaughn's going to be all right, so...
Personne n'ira dans ce sous-marin.
Hold your horses, banzai. No one's getting on a sub.
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ira voir 346

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