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Traduction de "poing" en anglais

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punching small brass knuckles


Son gros poing traverse la toile.
His fat fist goes right through the canvas.
J'ai avancé vipère au poing.
I've gone forward with the viper in my fist.
Peur-être que demain je mettrai mon poing dans la figure d'Hector.
Maybe tomorrow I'll punch Hector in the face.
Cette fille sait utiliser son poing.
That girl can throw a punch.
Mais il ne peut pas sortir son poing sans lâcher le sucre.
But the hole's so small that when he makes a fist, he can't pull it back out without dropping the sugar.
Parle-moi de Dressée avec le poing.
I want to know about Stands With A Fist.
Tu vas te prendre un poing dans les dents.
Look out you don't get a fist in the teeth.
Dis-le avec le poing contre le coeur.
Say this with your fist on your heart.
Je parie que ton poing coïncidera avec au moins un de ces bleus.
I'm betting we can match your fist to at least one of these bruises.
J'avais juste réussi à rapprocher son poing de mon œil.
I just managed a closer fist to my eye.
Je l'ai vue brandir son poing devant leur visage.
I saw her shake her fist in their face.
Desserrez le poing, Mlle Odetta.
Loosen the fist, Miss Odetta.
Serre le poing, voyons les enfants.
Make a fist, let's see about children.
Les lois de mon poing vont contraindre tes dents.
The laws of my fist are about to compel your teeth.
J'adore comment Donna ferait toujours ça et montrerait le poing.
I love the way that, you know, Donna would always go like that and shake her fist.
La puissance de ton poing est insuffisante.
There's something lacking in your fist.
Il agite son poing vers moi.
He's shaking his fist at me.
Mais ton "poing de l'enfer" est impressionnant.
But your fist from hell is impressive.
Fais un poing avec les mains, puis relâche.
Try making a fist with each hand, and then let go.
Ça va prendre beaucoup plus qu'un poing, Javadi.
This will take much more than just a fist, Javadi.
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