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Traduction de "tire" en anglais


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Ne tire pas, ne tire pas, ne tire pas.
Don't pull it, don't pull it, don't pull it.
On tire... On tire sur la ligne.
You pull... you pull the line.
Le PNUD tire souvent parti de manifestations spécifiques.
UNDP often takes advantage of specific events to provide entry points.
Le premier qui tire sera éliminé.
The first man who fires gets cut down.
Rendez-moi le jus ou je tire.
Now, hand over the juice, or I shoot you both dead.
Sanchez contourne la moto, tire.
Sanchez moves around the bike... takes a long looping shot.
On va peut-être voir qui tire.
Well, maybe we can see who shot the stun gun now.
On tire notre année et quelqu'un nous appellera.
So, all we have to do is put in our year and somebody will call our name.
Il nous tire dessus avec elles d'ailleurs.
That gun he was Just shooing at us was one of the ones I sold him.
On tire aussi de cette crête.
We're also getting it from've done some scouting.
Mais si on vous tire dessus...
But what if you get shot or-or- I'll be right back.
Bon, on se tire d'ici.
All right, let's break down the hide and didi out of here.
Mais elle tire toujours les ficelles.
Well, she's still pulling the strings.
On tire, il lâche le déclencheur.
We take a shot, his hand loosens on the trigger.
Je monte et tire mieux qu'eux.
Look, I can ride faster and shoot better than any one of them.
Si on tire, elle riposte.
But if we start something, they'll catch up with us.
Peut-être. Ce Wilson tire très vite.
If it is Wilson, he's fast on the draw, so be careful.
Howard tire de dessous le pont.
Howard pulls one out from under the bridge.
Jarrett se tire et moi avec.
Jarrett's getting out of here and I'm going with him.
Si ça foire, on se tire.
If we are involved in a problem, We'll get out of there.
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