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Traduction de "truc" en anglais


Ce truc entre moi et Robin est complètement innocent.
Look, this thing with me and Robin, it's totally casual.
Le genre de truc qui marque.
The kind of thing that leaves an impression.
C'est pas un truc que j'avais prévu.
I guess it's not something I was really planning on... or even thought about, ever.
Si vous voulez savoir un truc...
So if there's something you'd like to ask...
Le truc sur Rosie abandonnant Hugo.
The stuff about Rosie walking out on Hugo.
Ce truc va juste nous stresser.
Ugh, that stuff is just gonna stress us out.
Ce truc part directement à la poubelle.
So this thing's headed straight for the garbage.
Un truc que j'ai acheté.
What is inside? Oh, it's just something I bought.
Je tente un truc de toon...
I'm going to try something I saw in a cartoon once.
Je trimballe ce truc depuis des années.
I've been carrying this thing around with me for years.
Il faut faire un truc énorme et osé.
No, Dad. No, my point is you have to do something big and daring.
Peu importe, faisons le truc du sergent.
You know, whatever, let's just do Sarge's thing, I guess.
C'est un truc de personnalité...
It's a personality thing. Stobbs just doesn't like yours.
Je dois aller à ce truc.
I gotta go, you know, uh, do that thing.
Ce truc est brillant, explosif.
This thing is shiny. It's explosive.
Tu étais supposé mettre un truc romantique.
Dude, you were supposed to play something romantic.
Un truc intime où ils te découvriront.
Something intimate, where they can get to know the real you.
Appelle-moi quand tu voudras voir un truc familier.
Call me the next time you wanna see something familiar.
J'aimerais aller vérifier un truc.
I'd like to go and check something out.
Fargo veut nous montrer un nouveau truc hi-tech.
Yeah, Fargo has us looking at some new high-tech security thing.
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