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Translation of "lordship" in French

M. le marquis


His lordship, Judge Cameron, now addressed the Grand Jury.
Sa Seigneurie, le juge Cameron, s'est alors adressée au grand jury.
His lordship's asking for you, m'lady.
Sa Seigneurie vous demande, MiLady.
I have to take it upstairs for his lordship.
Je dois rapporter ça à Monsieur.
Mr Crawley is his lordship's cousin and heir.
M. Crawley est le cousin et l'héritier de Monsieur.
Tell his lordship who gave you this scar.
Dis à Monseigneur d'où vient ta cicatrice.
I still think it's a trap, my lordship.
Je pense toujours que c'est un piège, monseigneur.
Tell his lordship what's going on.
Partons à pinces prévenir sa seigneurie.
Help his lordship into the car.
Aidez Monsieur à monter en voiture.
I think his lordship has found a solution.
Je crois que Monsieur a trouvé une solution.
His lordship's asking for you, m'lady.
Sa Seigneurie vous demande, m'lady.
Well, the champagne his lordship wanted, my lady.
Le champagne que Sa Seigneurie a demandé.
His lordship suggested I have a rest.
Monsieur me suggère de prendre du repos.
Stop warning me and go lay out his lordship's pyjamas.
Arrête de me prévenir et va étendre les pyjamas de Monsieur.
Not if his lordship feels obliged to give it up.
Pas si monsieur est obligé d'y renoncer.
Mr Carson told us his lordship is going to recover.
M. Carson nous a dit que monsieur allait s'en remettre.
If I had not done his lordship's bidding, then...
Si je n'avais pas fait ce que sa seigneurie voulait, alors...
Q. Now, his lordship has asked you about Continental Explosives.
[TRADUCTION] Q. Sa Seigneurie vous a questionné à propos de Continental Explosives.
His lordship just wants to know the truth.
Sa seigneurie veut juste savoir la vérité.
The lordship's taken his port to the library.
Monsieur boit son porto dans la bibliothèque.
You're supposed to serve his lordship.
Tu es censé servir Sa Seigneurie.
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