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Translation of "to go...? -" in French


Why does he get to go...? - He's a VIP.
C'est un hôte de marque.

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You want me to go...?
Why does he get to go...?
Mais pourquoi est-ce qu'il passe...
You think we want to go...?
Ce n'est pas de bon coeur.
Do I have to ask you every time I want to go...?
Je dois vous demander la permission...
You remembered to go to...?
Tu as pensé à aller chez...
Do I have to go... here?
Suis-je obligé d'aller...?
You're the one who kept cancelling to go... Where?
Tu as toujours annulé pour aller...?
Still he had to go... right?
Mais même sans ça... il devait disparaître, pas vrai ?
Are you leaving right from here to go to...?
Est ce que vous partez bien d'ici pour aller vers...?
Well, we got places to go... right?
On doit aller à des endroits.
Just got a little further to go... OK?
Il faut aller un peu plus loin...
Why do you have to go... the police?
Pourquoi avez-vous aller... la police?
We aren't going to go... to be certain?
N'allons-nous pas nous en assurer?
Do you want Daddy to go find...?
Est-ce que tu veux que papa te cherche un... ?
And... you wanted to go to Germany...?
Toi qui voulait aller en Allemagne !
You have to go to the...?
Tu es attendu à la Créa.
Kids, how would you... like to go to... Blockoland?
Les enfants, ça vous dirait d'aller à Blockoland ?
I would like to go... it is advisable?
Je voudrais aller... il est conseillé?
So aren't you supposed to let things go...?
Les gens te reconnaissent parce que tu es à ce poste.
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want to go +10k
to go back +10k
need to go 6113
to go out 5745
go to work 2638

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