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Translation of "âge" in English


âgé 9361
age 2327
plus âgé 1423
Les paramètres de ce deuxième âge nucléaire évoluent encore.
The contours of the second nuclear age are still taking shape.
Nos propositions concernent notamment l'âge des pétroliers.
Our proposals are particularly concerned with the age of oil tankers.
Rentrons dans un âge d'apaisement.
Let's return to an era of peace.
Mon cousin avait le même âge.
You know, I had a cousin once, about the same age.
Il a deux fois ton âge.
Look at the guy. He's, like, twice your age.
Justement, à ton âge, j'étais en vacances.
Once when I was your age, we were on vacation, and I ran away with a young farm boy.
Environ votre âge et en pleine forme.
He's about your age and in perfect condition.
Établir un âge exact scientifiquement est problématique.
Well, establishing an exact age scientifically is problematic.
J'ai rarement vu des gens de ton âge.
It's just that I haven't really seen too many people your age come through here before.
Vos cheveux sont trop longs pour votre âge.
I think your hair is much too long for your age, by the way.
J'avais votre âge sur celle-ci.
Now... I was your age on this one.
La troisième étape aboutit au sous-groupe sans distinction d'âge.
The third aggregation step results in the subgroup without distinction of age.
Je retourne à cet âge merveilleux.
I'm going back into that wonderful age.
Certains jeunes hommes de notre âge.
Group of kids around our age, they have a girl with them.
Je jouais ici quand j'avais ton âge.
You know, I used to come out here and play when I was your age.
Notre situation était pire à leur âge.
Really. George, they have more money than we had at their age.
Beaucoup n'atteignent pas cet âge.
Many of them don't even reach that age.
Il est à un âge influençable.
Well, he's at an impressionable age.
Nos propositions concernent notamment l 'âge des pétroliers.
Our proposals are particularly concerned with the age of oil tankers.
C'est typique des hommes de son âge.
You know, Al is so typical of a man when he gets his age.
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âgé 9361
age 2327
plus âgé 1423

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