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Translation of "éloigner" in English

get away
move away
walk away
ward off
go away
back off
pull away
drift away
walk off
back away from
stave off
recede into the distance
force away
away from


Tu as préféré t'éloigner de ton père.
I guess you must have thought it was good to get away from your dad.
Il m'a aidé à m'éloigner de Tommy.
He helped me get away from Tommy.
Sept pierres pour éloigner le diable.
Seven stones to keep the devil at bay.
Sept pierres pour éloigner le démon.
7 stones to keep the devil at bay.
T'essayes d'éloigner ton grand amour.
You try to keep your one true love at a distance.
D'habitude, pour éloigner le mal, on utilise du sel.
Usually, when you want to keep something evil out, you go for the salt.
Je crois que vous devriez éloigner le Voyager.
Captain? Yes, Tom. I think you should get Voyager away from here.
Elle devrait nous éloigner des radiations en 17 minutes.
It'll have us clear of the radiation in less than 17 minutes.
Toi et Dae-jin semblez vous éloigner.
You and Dae-jin seem to hit it off.
Je ferai tout pour l'éloigner de vous.
I'm getting this boy away from you if it's the last thing I do.
Pour t'éloigner de mes poulets.
Make sure you stay away from my chickens.
Personne peut se éloigner le monde.
It is impossible for anyone to remove himself from the world.
Je dois éloigner Henry de Regina.
I have to get Henry away from Regina.
Il faut l'éloigner du détonateur.
We've got to get him away from that plunger.
Je voulais juste m'éloigner de lui.
I guess I just felt like I really needed to get away from him.
En attendant, je dois vous éloigner des autres.
But until I do know, I must keep you away from the others... and if necessary...
Tu devrais t'éloigner de Patty.
Maybe you shouldn't be working for patty right now.
J'aurais peut-être réussi a éloigner les Indiens.
I might have been able to lead the Indians away before they spotted the place.
Ça va nous éloigner des suspects.
It's going to cut us off from the suspects.
Pareille mesure va éloigner les gens du processus électoral.
Such a procedure is going to turn people away from the voting process.
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