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Translation of "Bref" in English


Bref résumé de toutes les mesures adoptées ou proposées afin de créer le marché intérieur des services.
(iv) brief summaries of every measure which has been adopted or proposed to create the internal market for services.
Bref, chaque solution semblait créer un nouveau problème.
In short, every solution seemed to create a new problem.
Bref, il sort un pinceau.
Well, he opens this box and he takes out a paintbrush.
Bref aucune enquête n'est possible.
In short, no such inquiry is possible.
Bref, toutes les richesses nécessaires pour établir une civilisation.
In short, all the bounties necessary for the establishment of civilization.
Bref... En supposant que vous étiez intéressé...
But anyway, well, on the chance that you were interested...
Bref, financement structuré et microfinancement sont complémentaires.
Thus, structured commodity finance supplements microfinance, rather than competing with it.
Bref elle te demande de ralentir un peu.
Well, all she's asking you to do is slow it down a little bit.
Bref, Brioche adore aller sous le canapé.
Good Lord. Anyway, Poundcake loves to get underneath the sofa.
Bref, il veut nous rouler.
The point is, is that he's trying to rook us.
Bref, désormais tu travailleras pour Frankie et Lenny.
Long story short, from now on you work for Frankie and Lenny.
Bref, tu dois arrêter ça.
Anyway, you've got to put a stop to this fight.
Bref, bonnes vacances, Curtis.
Anyway, have a good summer, Curtis.
Bref, on devrait s'inquiéter.
Okay, well, the point is, we ought to be worried.
Bref, je suis vraiment désolée.
Anyway, sir. I am so very sorry.
Bref, désolé pour votre cheval.
Anyway, I'm sorry he didn't sell you your horse back.
Bref, bonne journée, Lurch.
[Continues chuckling] Anyhoo, have a good one, Lurch.
Bref, faisons un mélange Steve-crest.
Nuh! Never mind. I'll combine 'em - Steve-crest.
Bref, regardez dans Central Park.
Anyway, you might want to look in Central Park.
Bref, cette disposition est insuffisante.
In a word, this regulation is not satisfactory.
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