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Translation of "CM1" in English

fourth grade
third grade
fourth grader


Voici ma photo de classe de CM1.
Here's my fourth grade class photo.
Elles sont là depuis le CM1.
It's been here since fourth grade.
Mon tournesol en CM1 avait eu le premier prix.
My fourth-grade sunflower won first prize.
La classe de CM1 de Mme Anderson.
Gita: Mrs. Anderson's fourth-grade class.
Ça et prouver à ma prof de CM1 que j'arrive finalement à quelque chose.
Well, that and showing up My third grade teacher who said I'd never amount to anything.
Je connais la combinaison par cœur depuis le CM1.
I've been up on this combination since third grade.
Au CM1, on me jetait des cailloux.
In fourth grade, kids used to throw rocks at me.
On doit discuter de le renvoyer en CM1.
We need to discuss getting him back into fourth grade.
Pour d'obscures raisons, je me revois en CM1.
For some reason, I'm flashing back to fourth grade.
On faisait des claquettes ensemble en CM1.
We had tap and jazz together in fourth grade.
J'ai retrouvé mon journal intime du CM1.
I found my diary from fourth grade.
Te voilà, au CM1, t'échappant déjà de ton monde.
There you are in fourth grade, you're already pulling away from your world.
Cette nouvelle enseignante de CM1 me rend folle.
This new fourth-Grade teacher is driving me nuts. What's the problem?
Je suis Daniel Harris, le prof de CM1.
I'm Daniel Harris, the fourth grade teacher.
J'avais quelle taille en CM1?
How tall was I in fourth grade?
Quelle taille je faisais en CM1?
How tall was I in fourth grade?
Christine, voyons, c'est le CM1.
Christine, come on. It's fourth grade.
J'ai rien qui vient du CM1 pour comparer.
I don't have anything from the fourth grade to match it to.
Parce que je me souviens de Théo du CM1.
Because I remember Theo from fourth grade.
Le CM1, c'est un an de votre vie.
'Cause you'll... you guys only have fourth grade once.
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