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Translation of "Eve" in English


ève 263
Eve, informe Jennifer et Wyatt.
All right, Eve, bring Jennifer and Wyatt up to speed.
Allons voir Thérèse interpréter Lady Eve.
I heard Therese is going to perform as lady Eve.
Nick et Eve sont très profondément liés.
I mean, Nick and Eve are pretty deeply connected.
Engage Eve Harrington dans ton bureau.
Give Eve Harrington a job in your office.
Tu savais qu'Eve était ta doublure.
You knew when you came in that Eve was your understudy.
Eve dit répéter même le soir.
Eve tells me she kept hard at it all day and evening.
C'était une idée d'Eve.
I don't really know, and it was Eve's thing.
Mais j'adorerais pouvoir prendre soin d'Eve.
I know, but I would love the chance to look after little Eve on my own.
Tu devais surveiller Eve, cet après-midi.
You were supposed to be watching Eve this afternoon.
Eve, tu dois laisser ces gens partir, je pourrais t'aider à rentrer.
Eve, you have to let those people go, and then I can help you get home.
Eve n'en a plus pour longtemps.
Eve's running out of time.
Eve occupe la chambre de Billy.
Eve lives in Billy's room.
C'est pourquoi je vois toujours Eve.
That's why I keep seeing Eve.
D'après Athéna, tu n'oses pas me confier Eve.
Xena, what Athena said about... your not trusting me with Eve...
Xena commet une erreur terrible en voulant sauver Eve.
Xena's making a terrible mistake... trying to save Eve.
Xena ! Eve te brisera le cœur.
Xena, Eve will only break your heart.
Il fallait pas laisser Eve me tuer.
Then you shouldn't 'a let Eve kill me.
Je dois y aller, Eve.
Well, I'd better run along, Eve.
Eve partie, Athéna s'en ira.
If Athena thinks that Eve is gone, she will pull out.
C'est la population ou Eve.
She is ransoming their lives for Eve's.
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ève 263

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