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Translation of "Filez aux toilettes" in English

Filez aux toilettes, vous soulager.
Straight to the lavatory, relieve yourself.

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OK, vous deux, vous filez aux archives des décès.
Well, okay, you two are off to lapd dead record storage.
Pas besoin de me recoiffer ni d'aller aux toilettes.
You know, I'd never have to worry about my hair, or having to go to the bathroom.
Je peux aller seule aux toilettes.
I don't need to go to the bathroom with other people.
Désolé, j'étais aux toilettes.
I'm sorry, I was in the bathroom.
Je vais régler ça aux toilettes.
I'll just go to the ladies' room and dry off.
J'étais aux toilettes avec Hal...
I was in the men's room earlier with Hal...
J'ai conduit Bridget aux toilettes.
I had to take Bridget to the bathroom.
Les femmes vont toujours aux toilettes.
No, women are constantly going to the toilet.
Monsieur, Sophia est aux toilettes.
Sir, Sophia is in the ladies room.
Je l'avais enlevée aux toilettes.
Retrouve moi aux toilettes - seule.
Meet me in the bathroom - alone.
Personne n'était aux toilettes avec moi.
I don't remember anybody being in the bathroom with me.
Avant midi Kaan et Sinan iront aux toilettes.
Before the lunch break, Kaan and Sinan will hide in the boys' bathroom.
J'allais aux toilettes parcourir ta pièce.
Well, I was going to the bathroom and I was perusing your play.
Mais je dois aller aux toilettes.
But I do have to use the ladies' room.
Niamat Ahmer est allé aux toilettes.
Niamat Ahmer went to use the nearby toilet.
Je veux pas être aux toilettes...
I don't want to be in the bathroom.
Je suis allée aux toilettes avec elle.
I don't believe it. I actually walked into the loo with her.
Ils pourraient aller aux toilettes après toi.
One of them may have to use the bathroom after you.
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