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Translation of "Moi aussi" in English


Moi aussi, je t'aime.
I love you, too. I was talking to the car.
Moi aussi, je suis contre.
I don't think it's the right thing to do either.
Moi aussi, je voudrais savoir.
I kind of want to know myself now just how big it is.
Moi aussi, c'est ce que je veux.
You have a whole life here and being with you has made me realize I want all that.
Moi aussi, mais je préfère demander.
I think it will too, but I'll just check with him, though.
Moi aussi pour mon premier showcase.
I was, too, at my first showcase.
Moi aussi mais on est fauchés.
Me too, Emmet, but we're broke.
Moi aussi, j'aurais pris mes précautions.
I suppose if I were them, I'd take out a little insurance, too.
Moi aussi, depuis ma mutation.
I see. I've been coming a lot since last autumn.
Moi aussi, trésor. Accroche-toi.
So am I, Honey, just hang on.
Moi aussi, avec ma barre chocolatée.
So did I, at lunch, when I had a Hershey bar.
Moi aussi, j'en suis même très heureux.
And so am I. As a matter of fact, I never was happier in my life.
Moi aussi, quelle soirée agréable.
Yes, me, too. It's been a delightful evening.
Moi aussi, j'ai une impression.
I see what you mean. I'm starting to get a hunch myself.
Moi aussi, car je l'attends.
You know what, I hope so. I'm waiting on her, too.
Moi aussi, je veux rentrer.
I want to go home as much as you do, Chief.
Moi aussi je peux parler lentement.
You see? I can talk slow, too.
Moi aussi. Cassons-nous d'ici.
Me too, Let's get out of here.
Moi aussi, mais séparément, si possible.
I'll bake with him, too. Separately, if you don't mind.
Moi aussi je haïssais mon père.
You know, I used to hate my father too.
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