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Translation of "Ne vous" in English


Ne vous parlez pas comme ça, tous les deux.
The two of you should not speak to each other like this.
Ne vous dérangez pas les enfants...
Don't pay any attention to me, boys.
Ne vous battez pas à cause de moi...
You guys, I'll just leave. I don't want to cause any trouble.
Ne vous dérangez pas pour moi.
Now, don't you bother. I can get home by myself.
Ne vous arrêtez pas de courir.
Only make a better target stopped, so... run all the way.
Ne vous approchez pas, Dr.Isles.
Don't come any closer, Dr. Isles.
Ne vous donnez pas en spectacle.
You don't need to do this in here.
Ne vous inquiéter pas de ça.
People will ask - you don't have to concern yourself with that.
Ne vous mettez pas en danger.
You don't need to be putting yourself in harm's way.
Ne vous souciez pas de cela.
Don't worry about how it's going to sound, paul.
Ne vous dérangez pas pour moi.
I don't want you to take any trouble on my account.
Ne vous gênez pas. Servez-vous dans le frigo.
Don't you be bashful, because there's plenty of food in the refrigerator for the morning...
Ne vous souciez pas de ça.
No need, Officer! I'll take care of this matter.
Ne vous fiez pas à moi.
He's right. Listen, you don't want to trust me.
Ne vous blessez pas l'autre main.
Watch out now, you don't want to get wounded in that other hand.
Ne vous mêlez pas de mes affaires.
Just because we were close doesn't mean you can interfere in my affairs.
Ne vous inquiétiez pas, tout est calme.
Don't you worry! Peace and quiet on that sector, and thank heaven it is.
Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences.
Don't let the looks influence you, young lady.
Ne vous tracassez pas, amiral.
Don't give it a moment's thought, Admiral.
Ne vous frappez pas pour ça.
Now, I want you to promise me you won't fret none.
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