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Translation of "Personne" in English


Personne ne peut encore expliquer pourquoi.
To this day, nobody can explain why that was.
Personne ne semblait travailler sa relation.
Nobody seemed to be working at their relationship.
Définitions Travailleur indépendant Personne qui gère sa propre entreprise.
Definitions Self-employed An individual who operates his or her own business.
Personne n'entendra avec ce raffût.
Nobody can hear a thing in this racket.
Personne ne devinera jusqu'au dernier moment.
Nobody will be able to guess it until the last minute.
Personne sait conduire sous la pluie.
Nobody knows how to drive in the rain.
Personne n'aurait dû être blessé.
Look, nobody was supposed to get hurt.
Personne n'est revenu de cette planète.
Nobody's ever been to the Vorlon Homeworld and back again.
Personne ne part sans mon autorisation.
Nobody goes off, unless I permit it.
Personne ne devrait rouler sans cric.
Nobody should drive around this country without a jack.
Personne ne doit savoir que vous êtes détective.
Nobody at the store, not even Tommy, must know that you're a detective.
Personne ne nous brisera aussi facilement.
Nobody's going to break us up that easy.
Personne pour te border la nuit...
Nobody to tuck you into bed at night.
Personne ne vous en a demandé.
Well, that's quite enough, nobody asked you to be observant.
Personne ne veut ouvrir la trappe.
Nobody wants to spring the trap on you.
Personne est triste quand une balance meurt.
Well, nobody's sad when a snitch dies.
Personne ne va prendre ces enfants à O'Flahertys.
Nobody is going to take those children from the O'Flahertys.
Personne ne voulait engager Joy Division.
Nobody would give us a gig as Joy Division.
Personne ne le trouvera avant notre retour.
Nobody's going to find it till we can get back.
Personne ne sera traité en minoritaire.
No one will be treated as a minority.
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