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Translation of "a des ennuis" in English

is in trouble
he's in trouble she's in trouble in some kind of trouble we're in trouble
we've got trouble
gets into trouble
in some sort of trouble
is trouble
in any kind of trouble
was trouble
is in some trouble
there's trouble
get into trouble


Frère Seven a des ennuis maintenant.
Brother Seven is in trouble now.
Une amie a moi a des ennuis.
A friend of mine is in trouble.
Et maintenant mon neveu a des ennuis.
And now my nephew is in trouble.
Alors travailles avec nous, car il a des ennuis.
Then work with us, because he is in trouble.
Père, Robin a des ennuis.
Father, Robin is in trouble.
C'était le capitaine, Max a des ennuis.
That was the Captain. Max is in trouble.
Messieurs, l'un des nôtres a des ennuis.
Gentlemen, we are here because one of our own is in trouble.
Une alarme signifie que quelqu'un a des ennuis.
I know that an alarm means someone is in trouble.
Votre ami Teal'c a des ennuis.
Your friend Teal'c is in trouble.
On se parle quand l'un de nous a des ennuis.
No. We usually only speak when one of us is in trouble.
M. Travers a des ennuis.
Mr. Travers is in trouble.
J'ai une copine qui a des ennuis.
Je crois qu'Ella a des ennuis.
Elle a des ennuis, besoin d'argent.
Says she's in some kind of trouble, needs money.
Gary, elle a des ennuis.
TRU: Gary, she's in trouble.
Si le directeur a des ennuis, il...
If the Director was in trouble, he would...
II a des ennuis avec ce rôle.
He has his worries with those lines.
Il a des ennuis avec la direction.
He's in trouble with the front office.
Une amie a des ennuis avec son copain.
Just a friend of mine having problems with her boyfriend.
On dirait que ma fille a des ennuis.
Looks like my daughter might be getting into some trouble.
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