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Translation of "a descendu" in English

came down
walked down
is come down went down
took down
took out
brought down


C'est lui qui a descendu Suel.
He's the one who shot Suel.
Ton client a descendu un type en selle.
Your client shot a guy right out of the saddle.
Elle a descendu l'escalier et...
And then she came down the stairs and... No!
Il a descendu quelques marches... et m'a frappée de nouveau.
Then he came down the few steps... and he slapped me so many times.
Alex t'a descendu dans les bois.
Alex shot you in the woods.
Il a descendu 2 de mes gars.
He shot two of my guys.
Il a descendu quelqu'un juste en face de moi.
He shot someone right in front of me.
Celui qui a descendu Billy est un tueur.
Whoever shot Billy is a killer.
Mon fils a descendu ça du ciel.
My boy shot this out of the sky.
Il a descendu un des nôtres.
He shot one of our guys.
Peut-être parce qu'il a descendu un des leurs sans payer pour ça.
Maybe that's got something to do with the fact that he shot one of their agents and got away with it.
Et elle a descendu le patron.
And then she shot the old man.
Mr. Hitch a descendu le troisième.
Mr. Hitch shot the other one.
Il a descendu un gars à une station-service.
He gunned down some dude in a gas station.
Elle en a descendu pour moins que ça.
She shot men with less provocation.
Il a descendu un des siens.
I hear he killed one of his own.
Elle m'a descendu devant un autre officier.
She undermined me in front of another officer.
Dès qu'il a descendu Dromard, on vous rejoint.
As soon as he shoots Dromard, we'll join you.
On en a descendu, mais le reste sera là dans moins de trois minutes.
We cut them down some, but the rest will be on your doorstep in less than three minutes.
Il a descendu les deux filles.
He pointed out the two girls.
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