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Translation of "a dit" in English


Abe m'a dit que je pouvais venir.
Very glad to know you. Abe said it would be all right if I came along.
Répète donc ce que ma femme a dit.
Go ahead. What's my wife said? Let's get it all out.
Il m'a dit que vous étiez amis.
We go way back. Anyway, he told me that you guys are good friends.
Elle m'a dit où était la clé.
How did you get in here? - She told me where the key was.
Elle m'a dit que Seattle allait devenir...
She told that me that Seattle was going to be the capital of a zombie homeland.
Il a dit que c'était sans espoir.
He said if he hasn't grown up yet, it's never going to happen.
Il m'a dit qu'elle me protégerait.
He told me that, you know, it would watch over me on the road.
Il l'a dit plusieurs fois.
He said it several times, Tiffany, and it's his chance.
John a dit que c'était vraiment...
Excuse me? -Hello, John said that the guy was a really good.
On m'a dit celui de droite.
They told me on the right... and that's where I put it.
Frankie m'a dit que tu étais revenue.
Frankie told me you were back and I was so jealous not to have seen you yet.
Elle a dit Barrett était fauché.
She said, Barrett never had a penny to bless himself with.
Et leur a dit qu'ils seraient roi.
She sat down with the King's enemies and told them they would be king.
Si, il me l'a dit.
Yes, he told me, but you shouldn't have left like that.
Il m'a dit que vous aviez déménagé.
Stopped off to see him, and he told me you moved to a new town.
Barry a dit que Clint essayait de redevenir comédien.
Barry said that Clint was trying to start back up an acting career.
Fabricant a dit vouloir avoir un enfant.
Fabricant told the woman he married in prison that he wanted to have a child.
On m'a dit de ne pas venir aujourd'hui.
Everyone told me not to come here today... but I couldn't let anyone else do this for me.
Max a dit à Jabbar qu'ils devaient manger ensemble.
What the hell's going on, Crosby? Max told Jabbar that they had to eat lunch together every day.
Et elle a dit une chose intrigante.
Yes, well, anyway, she said something that was kind of intriguing.
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a-t-il dit 1901
a dit ça 1729

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