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Translation of "accusation" in English


L'accusation découle des faits suivants.
The charge arose out of the following facts.
Toute l'accusation est une farce.
I'm telling you the whole charge is a total charade.
A l'accusation d'homicide volontaire.
On indictment for murder in the first degree.
Nous attendons que l'accusation tombe.
We're just waiting for the indictment to come down.
L'accusation repose, Votre Honneur.
GREG: The prosecution rests, Your Honor.
Je souhaiterais m'entretenir avec l'accusation.
I just want to confer with my distinguished counterpart on the prosecution.
L'accusation doit prouver son entière culpabilité.
The prosecution have to prove their case against this defendant.
Aucune preuve ne justifie l'accusation de meurtre prémédité.
There is no evidence to support the charge of premeditated murder.
L'accusation aimerait emmener dîner la défense.
The prosecution would like to take the defence out for a rest with dinner.
Et aucune accusation criminelle contre lui.
And not one single criminal charge laid against him.
L'accusation nous raconte une histoire simple.
(Schell) The prosecution tells a simple story.
L'accusation tente de faire dérailler notre affaire.
This is nothing but the Prosecution's attempt to derail our case.
L'accusation l'a fait appeler.
He's just been called for the prosecution.
Si je représentais l'accusation, si.
If I were appearing for the prosecution, it would be.
Ils le cueilleront avec une vieille accusation...
They'll pick him up on the old charge.
Cette accusation peut ruiner sa carrière.
A charge like this could ruin a man's career.
L'accusation va nous courir après.
The prosecution is going to be coming after all of us.
Le moindre défaut viciait l'accusation.
The slightest defect made an indictment a nullity.
Ces déclarations concernaient les quatre chefs d'accusation.
These statements applied to all four counts on the indictment.
L'accusation a présenté 46 témoins.
The prosecution presented 46 witnesses in its case-in-chief.
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