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Translation of "accuse" in English


L'accuse a confesse tous ces crimes.
For all these crimes, the accused has made a full confession.
On m'accuse d'être vulgaire ? disait-il.
"I'm accused of being vulgar," he would say.
On t'accuse d'être sorcière.
They accuse you of being a witch.
Le coupable accuse toujours le juge.
The guilty always accuse the judge.
Elle m'accuse de tout manigancer.
She's accusing me of orchestrating it all.
Je vous accuse d'association avec un agent ennemi.
I'm accusing you of consorting with an enemy agent behind my back.
Votre associée junior l'accuse de racisme.
You have a junior associate accusing him of racism.
Elle m'accuse constamment d'être irresponsable.
She's constantly accusing me of being irresponsible.
Atari poursuit Nintendo en justice et l'accuse d'avoir engagé des pratiques monopolistiques.
Atari sues Nintendo, accusing it of engaging in monopolistic practices.
Si on vous accuse de complicité...
Now if we charge you as an accomplice...
Aucun des deux n'accuse Trevor.
And neither one of them is pointing a finger at Trevor.
Maintenant on les accuse de terroristes.
Now, they are accused of being terrorists.
Chaque pays accuse de grosses pertes.
Every country on this chart has massive casualties.
L'Humanité accuse le ministère de complicité.
"L 'Humanite" accuses the Ministry of being an accessory.
Le procureur l'accuse d'empoisonnement.
Gentlemen, the prosecutor charges the prisoner with administering poison.
Chaque Etat partie accuse rapidement réception de la liste.
Each State Party shall promptly acknowledge receipt of the list of observers proposed for inclusion.
Le FBI accuse père Joe de complicité.
The FBI is claiming Father Joe was an accomplice.
Je n'accuse pas ce monsieur...
There's a man, sir, I don't accuse him.
N'accuse pas les utilisateurs pour tes mauvais choix de carrière.
It doesn't 't take your bad career decisions out on the users. I'm not saying it again today.
On nous accuse de tant d'actes épouvantables.
You know, we are accused of so many appalling acts it is hard to keep track.
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