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Translation of "ai dit" in English


ai-je dit 512
C'est ce que j'ai dit.
Did calculus get harder since we took it? That's what I said.
J'ai dit "naturellement".
Put some thought behind it. I said "Of course".
J'ai dit qu'on restait dîner.
Actually, I kind of told your mom that we'd stay for dinner.
Je t'ai dit que mon contrôleur...
Beth, I told you. I have a parole officer that is on...
Et j'ai dit que je te prendrais.
And I said I'd take you, no, really, it's fine.
Je lui ai dit de contacter Patrick Holguin.
He said something about passports and I told him to get in touch with Patrick Holguin.
Je lui ai dit de faire le nécessaire.
I told her to take care of it, but she didn't do it.
Je lui ai dit de venir donner ses empreintes.
Ken Barnaby! 'Hello?' I told him to come in and get his prints done.
J'ai dit à Cyrus de récupérer le disque...
I told Cyrus to go and get the disc... and that our business together would be over.
Je t'ai dit que nous avons rompu.
Tracy, I told you, Jennifer and I had broken it off years ago.
Je lui ai dit où se trouve le Jumper.
You'll be all right in a few hours. I told him where we left the jumper.
Je lui ai dit de venir me voir.
I said I'd meet her at my local for a drink and she never showed.
Je lui ai dit de partir.
And I told them to leave, so it's no big deal.
Je l'ai dit d'abord.
I said it first! - Mr. Bo, your manners.
J'ai dit que je regarderais.
What I said was I would look, which I now have.
Je lui ai dit de commencer sans moi.
I told her if I wasn't back in two minutes to start without me.
Non. J'ai dit que j'y pensais.
I said I'm examining a few things, we may can't afford to stay here much longer.
Exact. J'ai dit que je vérifiais.
That's what I said, but I told him I'd check in the car.
J'ai dit, arrêtez... d'écrire.
Got to fill out an accident report on all... I said, stop... writing.
J'ai dit que ce serait bien.
I said it would be nice - I didn't say we should do it.
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ai-je dit 512

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