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Translation of "ai eu" in English


J'ai eu un A en biologie.
You doing all right? - I got an "A" in Science.
J'en ai eu un autre.
Later I got a new one, but this incident kept bothering me.
J'ai eu comme - une crise.
It was like a... I don't know, a fit or something.
J'ai eu peur dès notre première rencontre.
And I have been afraid since the first time I met you.
J'ai eu beaucoup de relations sérieuses.
I have been in a lot of meaningful relationships.
J'ai eu une journée éprouvante.
You know, I had a really rocky road today, Morty.
J'ai eu vraiment un bon pressentiment.
I just started to get a really good feeling about her.
J'ai eu une mauvaise expérience.
I had a... real bad experience, man.
J'ai eu tort de te laisser repartir.
I can't wait any longer, Jen. I was wrong to let you go.
J'ai eu un rhume une fois.
I had a cold a couple of years ago. I went in there.
J'ai eu sa propriétaire à Cleveland.
I just got off the phone with his landlord in Cleveland.
J'ai eu... tellement de peine.
I loved him with everything I had in me... and I hurt for myself.
J'ai eu un petit problème.
Look, guys. I'm having a little bit of a setback.
J'ai eu une attaque cardiaque.
Well, you see I... Suddenly I had a heart attack.
J'ai eu quelques petits problèmes domestiques.
I'm just having some problems at home lately...
J'ai eu des petits embêtements.
So I got into a little trouble when I was a kid.
J'ai eu une révélation alcoolisée.
I just had a drunken revelation out there.
J'ai eu une étrange journée.
[Sighs, Chuckles] - I've had a strange day.
J'ai eu la visite de deux anges.
You know, I can't take credit for it. I was visited by angels.
J'ai eu une journée épouvantable.
I've had a day you wouldn't believe.
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