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Translation of "aiment" in English


Ils aiment chacune d'entre nous.
They love us, each in our own way.
Mais ils t'aiment d'un amour-haine ironique.
But they love you in that ironic, love-to-hate kind of way.
Peut-être même qu'ils aiment regarder.
Hell... they may even enjoy watchin'.
Ils aiment vraiment aider les autres.
They actually enjoy the process of helping others.
Tous les enfants aiment leurs jouets.
As much as any kid ever loved a toy.
La fontanelle dans le village aiment, protègent et blagooustraivajut.
The fontanel in the village is loved, preserved and arranged well.
Ils aiment Henry autant que moi.
That they love Henry as much as I do.
Chez leurs parents qui les aiment.
To their parents who love them. No.
Ces femmes esseulées qui aiment de loin.
You know, lonely ladies who love from a safe distance.
Ils aiment les Skittles et certains même...
And they all love Skittles, red Kool-Aid and some of them even like...
Dis-leur combien ils aiment les enfants.
Talk to them about how much they love kids.
Les Canadiens aiment leurs parcs nationaux.
As Canadians we all love our national parks.
Croyez-moi, ces gens aiment leur ville.
But believe me, Captain, those people love their town.
Pour ceux qui aiment la vraie musique.
It's just a show for people who love actual music.
Jean-Pierre et Nathalie s'aiment depuis cinq ans.
Jean-Pierre and Nathalie have been in love for five years.
Mais souviens-toi qu'ils t'aiment toujours.
But you've got to remember they still love you very much.
Elles concernent ceux qui aiment les mathématiques.
This is for those who are curious about the mathematics of the layer modes.
Ils aiment regarder leurs victimes mourir lentement.
These guys take pleasure in watching their casualties die a slow death.
Ils aiment peut-être pas les cheveux.
Maybe it's the hair. I hate artichoke hairs.
Nos clients n'aiment pas ton produit.
My customers don't seem to like your product.
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