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Translation of "amener" in English


Elle refuse d'amener les enfants.
She's not going to bring the children.
Dites-leur d'amener Schumann à l'avion.
Tell 'em to bring Schumann to the plane.
La nouvelle armée victorieuse pourrait certes amener de sérieuses complications.
This new victorious army could, of course, cause serious complications.
Inutile d'amener tes petites groupies.
It 'no use to take you behind your little fans.
Je voulais l'amener au planétarium.
Good. I wanted to take her to the planetarium today.
Tu étais censée me l'amener.
You were supposed to bring her to me.
Nous devons lui amener le docteur.
We'll have to bring the doctor to him.
Pour amener la prospérité aux Romains.
So he can bring wealth to the Roman people.
Je devais t'amener là-bas aussi...
I was supposed to bring you there, too, so...
Vous deviez nous amener tous les Gardiens.
No! You told us you'd bring all the Guardians.
Je pourrais vous amener plein de clients.
Listen, I could bring you in a ton of business.
J'essaierai d'amener A.J demain.
I'll try to bring a.J. By tomorrow.
Tu avais dû m'amener aux urgences à cause du chocolat.
When I ate chocolate as a kid, you had to take me to the emergency room, because my face swelled up.
Vous pourriez amener les délégués à Washington.
SEWARD: You could bring the delegates to Washington.
Alors on doit amener Jason Kachler ici.
Then we need to bring Jason Kochler in here.
Je veux amener Vivica au supermarché.
I want to take Vivica to the grocery store.
Tu devrais amener l'handicapé au rendez-vous.
We should bring the cripple to the next meeting.
On peut l'amener aux négociations.
We have power to bring him to the table.
Puis ils étaient supposés amener Lena au manège.
Then they were supposed to bring Lena to the carousel.
On pourrait amener les enfants au Centre Culturel Coréen.
I'm thinking maybe we take the kids to the Korean Cultural Center.
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