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Translation of "anciens" in English


Critiquer et rabaisser ses anciens patrons ou collègues.
Don't criticize or put down former employers or colleagues.
Peut-être pourrons-nous retrouver la trace des anciens employés d'Umbrella.
Maybe we'll dig up a lead on the whereabouts... of former Umbrella Corporation employees.
Lisez les anciens messages DX News.
Have also a look at the old DX News messages.
La plupart des établissements pénitentiaires sont anciens et inhabitables.
Most of the prison buildings are old and not suitable for habitation.
Elle élimine certains des anciens remèdes matrimoniaux.
It has done away with some of the old matrimonial remedies.
On doit aller aux anciens Thermes.
We need to get to the old bathhouse.
J'aimerais aller interroger mes anciens contacts.
I was hoping I could hit Kiocho, talk to my old contacts.
D'anciens clients m'ont appelée.
I've been getting calls from former clients.
Paragraphe (anciens), renuméroter
Paragraph (former), renumber as paragraphs
Certains des anciens essaient de rester.
Some of the old timers like to stick it out, though.
Sur les anciens quais Stonewater Price.
It's on the old Stonewater Price dockside.
Ils logent dans nos anciens quartiers.
They live in the old crew's quarters.
Ils vont utiliser des matériaux anciens.
They said it's easy to build using old materials.
Pour les anciens propriétaires c'est un moment douloureux.
For the former owners it's a painful moment, it's a defeat.
Et on peut rencontrer divers anciens fonctionnaires au Kachatagh.
And one can meet various types of former officials in Kashatagh.
On devrait trouver ses anciens repaires.
We should find out where his old haunts are.
Il utilise internet pour retrouver ses anciens amis.
He uses the interweb to look up news about his old friends.
Artistes, étudiants, anciens traders.
Artists, students, former hedge fund managers.
Il a rappelé tous ses anciens clients.
And he started reaching out one by one to his old clients.
Apparemment principalement ceux d'anciens agents.
Looks like they were mostly after former personnel.
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