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Translation of "apparemment" in English


BSD 4.4 a introduit apparemment un système incompatible.
BSD 4.4 apparently introduced an incompatible way of doing it.
Sautons maintenant à une scène apparemment très différente.
Let us now jump to an apparently very different scene.
Oui, et apparemment très compétente.
Yes, and seemingly a very good one.
Quel problème apparemment important avez-vous que vous voudriez...
What seemingly important issue do you have that you want...
Elle n'était apparemment pas passagère.
We... - She obviously wasn't a passenger.
Écoute, apparemment tu traverses quelque chose.
Look, obviously you are going through something here.
Cependant, ces termes restent apparemment assez confus.
Still, apparently, there remains some confusion around these terms.
C'est apparemment beaucoup trop demander.
That apparently is far too much to ask for.
Quelqu'un nommé Copenhaguen, apparemment.
Well, apparently today, someone called Copenhagen.
Les parents apparemment ne lui disaient rien.
The parents apparently didn't say anything about it.
Le genre qui tue, apparemment.
The kind that gets you killed, apparently.
C'est dans les gènes apparemment.
It's... in the genes, apparently.
Et apparemment je traîne trop avec mon fils.
And apparently I've been hanging out with my son too much.
C'est un garçon très mystérieux apparemment.
Well, he's a very mysterious guy, apparently.
Le producteur, ce Finney apparemment.
Well, the producer, Finney, apparently.
Parce qu'apparemment j'y songe.
Well, because, obviously, I'm considering it.
John Peters a apparemment été très flatté.
Like John Peter apparently is very flattered by the story.
Tu le connais apparemment mieux que moi.
Since you apparently knew him better than I did.
Pour vous apparemment, éventuellement nous trouverons.
Obviously for you, and eventually we'll find out.
Nous fréquentons la même salle apparemment maintenant.
We do belong to the same gym now, apparently.
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