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Translation of "appelé" in English


J'ai appelé ma propriétaire pour avoir des nouvelles.
As soon as I got back here, I called my landlady... to see how she was.
Alors ils ont probablement appelé votre famille.
Well, they probably called your family, then.
Il était une fois un frérot appelé John.
I once knew a brother named John... who loved to dance when he got it on.
Et un affreux cousin appelé Seton Cram.
And a terrible cousin of ours named Seton Cram.
Hier, je l'aurais appelé coïncidence.
Yesterday, I would have called it a coincidence.
Sinon j'aurais appelé la police.
If he had, I would've called the police.
On expose un nouvel artiste appelé...
We have a new exhibition by an artist called...
Ils ont appelé beaucoup de fois demandant une déclaration.
They've called a number of times asking for a statement.
Mais le Zephyr m'a appelé ce matin.
But this morning, the Zephyr called me... and told me their ballots had a misprint.
Gretchen vous a appelé 50 fois ce matin.
Gretchen's called 50 times. It's not even 7 a.m. Thank you.
Lecter l'a appelé de l'hôpital.
Dr. Lecter called - from the hospital, asked him to come down.
Buckley vous a appelé quatre fois.
By the way, Buckley's called for you four times.
Hier soir Anthony-bhai m'a appelé au magasin.
Yesterday night Anthony-bhai had called me up at the shop.
Suivez-nous, Anita Cunningham a appelé.
Follow us, my dears. Anita Cunningham just called.
Il a juste appelé Drama hier.
He hasn't called anybody except drama yesterday.
Elle vous a appelé ici récemment.
She called up here for you not too long ago.
Un homme appelé Desmond y vivait.
There was a man named Desmond living down in it.
Et finalement les chasseurs ont appelé au retrait.
And basically the hunt called the day off, as a result.
Sam Fredericks de l'administration pénitentiaire a appelé.
And a Sam Fredericks from the Bureau of Prisons called.
Je cherche un endroit appelé le Sidney.
I'm looking for this place that's called Sidney's.
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