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Translation of "arrivera" in English


Quelque chose de terrible arrivera bientôt.
I'm sure something bad will happen soon.
Felicia arrivera avec les siens à 10h30 précises.
Now, Felicia will arrive with her people at precisely 10:30.
À 12h une seule rose arrivera.
At 12:00, a single rose will arrive.
Activision Blizzard a annoncé que Wolfenstein arrivera le 4 Août.
Activision Blizzard announced that Wolfenstein will arrive on the 4th of August.
On informera Tommy quand il arrivera.
We'll fill Tommy in when he gets here.
Faites-moi prévenir quand M. Bullard arrivera.
Better let me know when Mr. Bullard's on the way up.
Quand ça vous arrivera, appelez-moi.
When it happens to you, page me.
Le sable arrivera dans l'échappement.
The sand will get in the exhaust system.
Faites-moi savoir quand l'équipe arrivera.
So let me know when the crew shows up.
Nous verrons qui arrivera le premier.
We'll see who gets in where before who.
Bus 4730c arrivera dans 15 minutes.
Bus 4730c will be arriving in 15 minutes.
Donne-le-lui et rien ne t'arrivera.
Give him his child and nothing will happen to you.
Une diligence arrivera vers midi, alors tiens-toi prêt.
Well, there's a stage coming through, nigh onto noon, so you be set and ready.
La police arrivera dans quelques secondes.
The police... are coming up here any second.
Le A.S. Général arrivera en avion.
The Air Surgeon General'll be coming in on that airplane.
Espérons qu'on arrivera au dessert.
Let's hope we can actually make it to dessert this time.
Donne-lui cette boîte quand Frère Kun arrivera.
Give this box to him when Brother Kun comes.
La ville est en faillite... mais on y arrivera.
Well, the city is bankrupt, but... yes, I think we could "spring" for a courier.
La Garde n'arrivera que demain.
The National Guard does not will be here until tomorrow.
Mais cette aide n'arrivera peut-être jamais.
But the reality we have to face is that help may never come.
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