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Translation of "as abandonné" in English

dropped out
you've given up
have forsaken
gave it up
bailed on
gave up left


Par vanité, tu as abandonné ta famille.
Driven by vanity, you abandoned your family.
Tu as abandonné les Fondateurs sans les prévenir.
You abandoned the other Elders without so much as a warning.
Ça dit que tu as abandonné après la seconde.
It says here you dropped out in the 10th grade.
Donc tu as abandonné le lycée et rejoignit le carnaval.
So you dropped out of high school and joined the carnival.
Tu m'as abandonné et sélectionné quelqu'un d'autre.
You ditched me and cast someone else.
Tu as abandonné tes amis et tu souris.
You ditched your friends and You're smiling.
Lydia, Tu as abandonné ce bébé.
Lydia, you abandoned that baby.
Florence est ex-communiée Tu nous as abandonné il y a longtemps.
Florence is abandoned us long ago.
Tu as abandonné ta famille, sans un mot.
You abandoned our family, and you did so without a word.
Tu as abandonné sans un mot d'explication.
Dropped out without a word of explanation.
Quand tu nous as abandonné sur la planète minière.
When you abandoned us on that mining planet.
Tu m'as abandonné sur scène.
You kind of abandoned me out there.
Tu as abandonné ta femme sans être rongé de culpabilité.
You abandoned your wife, and you're not torn up and guilty about it.
Tu as abandonné ma mère en Tchétchénie.
You abandoned my mother in Chechnya.
Tu as abandonné ton pays qui avait besoin de toi.
You abandoned your country when we needed you the most.
J'oublie toujours que tu as abandonné la fac.
I keep forgetting you dropped out of college.
Parlons de la façon dont tu as abandonné Cordelia.
Let's talk about how you abandoned Cordelia.
Tu as abandonné tes semblables alors qu'on nous exterminait.
You abandoned your people while we were being destroyed.
N'oublies pas que tu as abandonné l'école.
Don't forget you dropped out of school.
Ton père était tellement blessé quand tu nous as abandonné
Your father was so hurt when you abandoned us that he
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