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Translation of "as laissé tomber" in English

gave up
walked out on
bailed on
gave it up
skipped out on


Tu as laissé tomber quelque chose, au passage.
You dropped something, by the way.
D.J., tu as laissé tomber la balle mystérieuse.
D.J., you dropped your ball of mystery.
Je me demandais juste pourquoi tu m'as laissé tomber.
Just wondering why you ditched me.
Non, je suis fâché parce que tu m'as laissé tomber.
No, no. I'm mad at you because you ditched me.
À cause de quelque chose que tu as laissé tomber.
Because of something you gave up.
Tu as laissé tomber ton premier amour pour préserver ta réputation.
You gave up your first love because I threatened your reputation.
Tu as laissé tomber cinq dollars sur le sol.
You dropped five bucks on the floor.
Je commençais à m'inquiéter Tu as laissé tomber ton portable dans les toilettes.
Started to get scared you dropped your phone in the toilet.
Tu as laissé tomber cela dans la rue.
You dropped this in the street.
J'espère que tu as laissé tomber la vide.
I hope you dropped the empty one.
Ça n'explique pas pourquoi tu as laissé tomber tes passions.
Doesn't explain why you gave up your hobbies.
C'est toi qui as laissé tomber.
You're the one that gave up.
Tiens, tu as laissé tomber ton fusil.
Here. You dropped your rifle.
Après qu'on ait parlé dans la rue, j'ai glissé sur ce bout de pizza que tu as laissé tomber et je me suis cogné.
After we spoke on the street, I slipped on that slice of pizza you dropped and I hit my head.
Dis-lui que tu as laissé tomber de la cendre d'une cigarette.
Tell him you dropped a cigarette ash or something.
Tu nous as laissé tomber il y a 5 ans.
You walked out on us five years ago and left us flat.
Tu m'as laissé tomber, George.
You gave me up, George.
Tu m'as laissé tomber sans explication.
You walk out of my life, no explanation...
Mais tu m'as laissé tomber auparavant.
But you've let me down before.
Tu l'as laissé tomber dans le piège.
You let him walk into an ambush.
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