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Translation of "as tout" in English

have everything have all you've got it all have it all you're all
you've got all
get all
you've got everything screwed
have every
you've done
missed it
killed it
you're right


tu as tout 2769
Tu as tout ce dont une princesse pourrait rêver.
You have everything a princess could ever want.
Tu as tout ce qu'il faut pour gagner cette affaire.
You have everything you need to win this case.
Tu as tout l'été pour prendre des forces.
You have all summer to recuperate.
Tu as tout mon amour platonique.
Tou have all my platonic love.
Tu as tout ce qu'il faut pour survivre.
You have everything needed to survive.
Tu as tout mes trucs préférés la-dedans.
You've got all my favourite stuff on here.
Pendant deux décennies, tu as tout aspiré.
For two decades, you've just been taking and sucking up.
Je vois que tu as tout sorti.
I don't know. I see you got all my things laid out.
Pas quand tu as tout ça.
Not when you got all this.
Tu as tout flanqué dans le tiroir.
You just threw it in a drawer.
Tu as tout saccagé à cause d'une fille.
You trashed a place because of a girl.
Tu as tout, sauf l'essentiel : un coeur compréhensif.
You have everything it takes to make a lovely woman except the one essential.
Mais quelque part sur cette route, tu as tout changé.
But somewhere along the way, you changed all that.
Tu as appelé tous ces gens et tu leur as tout dit.
You called all these people and told them everything.
Tu as tout lâché pour être avec nous tous.
You dropped everything to be with all of us.
Tu l'as tout de suite vu.
You knew it from the minute we saw him that day.
Tu as tout oublié de la patience du guerrier.
You've forgotten everything I taught you about a warrior's patience.
Tu as tout le département à ta disposition.
You have the whole department at your beck and call.
Non, tu as tout dit.
No, you pretty much covered it.
Tu as tout oublié de notre entente.
You forgot all about our agreement.
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tu as tout 2769

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