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Translation of "assis" in English


Si un type est assis entre vous et la lunette.
There would need to be a guy sitting between you and the toilet seat, but, yes, absolutely.
Ils devraient être assis et attachés.
They should be sitting, wearing their seat belts.
Restez assis jusqu'à l'arrivée.
You have to stay seated until we're at the gate.
Tous étaient assis et le jugement des Harunahaha commença.
Now all were seated as the trial of the Harunahaha commenced.
Jonah et Seth Trimble étaient assis là.
Trimble, Jonah and Seth, they were sitting right there.
Etahn Avery était assis au tribunal...
Ethan Avery was sitting in a courtroom across town...
Vous êtes juste assis ici tout seuls.
You guys are just sitting there all by yourselves.
Ils sont tous assis par terre.
They're just sitting on the floor, the lot of them.
Vous êtes assis sur mes vêtements.
Booth, you're sitting on my clothes.
Je serais pas assis là sinon.
I wouldn't be sitting here with you now if you did.
Cette charge devait tuer celui qui était assis là.
This charge was meant to kill whoever was sitting in front of it.
Ils passent de longues périodes debout ou assis.
They spend long periods of time standing or sitting in one place.
J'étais assis près du téléphone.
There, I was sitting by the phone.
Pourquoi êtes-vous assis sur ses genoux.
Now why are you sitting in his lap.
Un homme était assis sur le siège avant et...
They got into a blue car and there was a man sitting in the front seat, and...
L'accusé coupable assis juste là.
Him. - The guilty defendant sitting right there.
Rachel : Souvenez-vous bien tous où vous étiez assis.
Rachel: All right, well, everybody just remember where they were sitting.
Vous êtes assis sur ma chaise.
Just wanted to let you know you're sitting in my chair.
Peut-être que quelqu'un était assis sur le canapé, ou assis par terre devant le canapé.
Maybe someone was sitting on the couch, or someone was sitting on the floor in front of the couch.
Par ailleurs, comme vous serez assis, assurez-vous d'avoir un coussin à votre mesure pour pouvoir être assis confortablement pendant 15-20 minutes à la fois.
Also, as you will be sitting, make sure that you have a cushion high enough for you to be seated comfortably for 15-20 minutes at a time.
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